FINAL IB – Exam Revision Course: Designed for students in their 2nd Diploma year, who are planning to take their IB exams in May. Students can choose to study up to 5 IB subjects on this course.

IB MUSIC – Exam Preparation in spring: Focuses on preparing students for the Listening Paper. The course is orientated towards the final examination in May and is an intensive course covering all sections to be examined on the listening paper. The course involves developing aural perception and understanding of music by learning about form and structure, musical elements, notations and context. A variety of examples from many different styles and historical periods will be studied and analysed as well as practice questions completed.

PRE IB – Summer Revision Course: Designed for students who will begin their 2-year IB Diploma curriculum after the summer. Students can choose up to 4 major IB subjects for this course and will, in addition, study up to 4 minor subjects as well as a number of very useful optional short courses at this outstanding IB review camp.

MID IB – Summer Revision Course: Designed for students who are currently in their 1st IB diploma year and who will begin their 2nd year after the summer. Students can choose up to 4 IB subjects and a large variety of optional short courses during our exclusive IB Summer School.

Extended Essay Writing Retreat: Designed for students who are currently in their 1st IB diploma year and wish to work on their extended essay in a 4-day structured retreat-like setting in order to get it well on the way or even completed during our summer programme.



‘Young Artists in Residence’ is designed specifically for young lovers of “The Arts” and allows them to fully dive into the world of Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts for a week-long enriching summer camp experience in a breath-taking setting.

At ‘Young Artists in in Residence’ students from around the world are offered the unique opportunity to explore, create and practice alongside their peers, renowned IB experts and inspiring professional artists, musicians, actors and dancers.

‘Young Artists in Residence’ stands for premiere quality and a unique combination of IB focus, guided by highly experienced IB Diploma experts, and ‘free style’ master classes enriched and enhanced by a selected group of truly talented and innovative professionals!

At ‘Young Artists in Residence’ students will have the wonderful opportunity to dive into the true atmosphere of the arts, whether it be painting, sculpting, collage, photography, classical or modern music, composing, acting, pantomime, modern dance or hip hop and performance.

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