Course Description

We offer all IB – Group 6 subjects:

IBDP Theatre Workshop 
– with DP Theatre expert Dinos Aristidou

IBDP Visual Arts Workshop (only available as “on campus” workshop)
– with DP Visual Arts experts Derek Pigrum and Kristina Rismondo

IBDP Music Workshop 
– with MYP & DP Music experts Lee Betts & Samuel Wright

IB DP Film Workshop 
– with DP Film expert Erick Pessôa

SIMPLY Dance! Workshop (only available as “on campus” workshop)
– with Dance experts Nanina Kotlowski, Adrian Turner & Nami Holderman

IBWISE is delighted about its fabulous ‘Young Artists in Residence’ Summer Programme and cooperation with partner IB World School Amadeus International School Vienna (

Our wonderful and renowned IB experts, who will be assisted by young talented shooting stars, will all be working alongside our international cohort from year groups  9, 10 & 11.

YAIR is a fantastic opportunity for international students from around the world, aged 14-18 years, to live and enjoy performing and visual arts together!

N.B.: Students can COMBINE the THEATRE, MUSIC, FILM, ART and DANCE Workshops with our PRE IB- or MID IB SUMMER regular REVISION COURSE !!

At ‘Young Artists in Residence’ young lovers of the arts literally dive into the world of arts, whether it be painting, sculpting, collage, photography, classical or modern music, composition, pantomime, modern and contemporary dance, acting or musical performance.

Students will have the extraordinary opportunity to work and create alongside with their peers, exceptional IB specialists and practicing artists, actors, musicians, dancers, film makers and gain a ‘real world’ hands-on experience in their personal fields of interest and take home invaluable personal and artistic enrichment, new skills and unforgettable memories.

Our exceptional workshops will be guided by highly experienced and inspiring IB MYP & Diploma workshop leaders. Following the first 3 days of IB-centered workshops, students will have a sleep-in day with afternoon workshop-related trips to then continue their artistic journey into the 2nd 3-day IB module. The culmination of all classes will be a student inspired Gesamtkunstwerk, or total work of art, involving contributions from the visual arts, music, dance and theatre classes.

Especially for the subjects Dance, Film, Theatre and Visual Arts we encourage PRE IB & MID IB students choose any of these subjects solely for the purpose of immersing yourselves in the Arts without necessary IB focus but simply for the unique experience of this unique creative opportunity within a protected and safe third culture environment.

As many of you know, disciplines such as Theatre and Dance are great ways to develop self-awareness, self-perception and most importantly self-presentation, which are all important skills we need in the complex world we live in.

We therefore also invite slightly younger students (ages 14-17) to join our fun experiential 3-day “SIMPLY Dance!” Workshop Aug 1-3.

Vienna, often referred to as Europe’s cultural capital and the centre of classical music offers absolutely everything one can wish for as a young artist. Vienna is infinitely rich in art, performing arts and art history, avant-garde, and was home to a majority of the world’s most renowned classical composers, painters and poets, including Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven,  Arnold Schönberg, Stefan Zweig, Franz Grillparzer, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka.



  1. Plan B: Due to continued unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic our IB Summer Revision Programme 2021 has a Plan B in place as fall-back plan for our YAIR Summer Programme should travel remain an issue. Like in 2020 we would allow for our Programme  to run as interactive virtual revision tutorial via video-conferencing. Our online workshops would be led by the same superb longstanding IBWISE faculty as our usual on-campus workshops.
  2. ON-GROUND FINAL DECISION: A final decision whether IBWISE can run ON-GROUND this summer will be made and communicated on June 1st, 2021. Balance payment will be due on June 2nd.
  3. IB Online Revision (Plan B): Revision sessions would be spread over 4 days per IB subject (4 hours per day intensive revision plus 1 hour of homework the first 3 days = 19 hours total). Cost: 650€
  4. YAIR Online Course Dates (Plan B): July 27 – 30, 2021. Like in 2020, we will do our best to accommodate different timezones including, Europe, Africa, Middle East, the Americas (Eastern Time) & Asia.

Quote from one of our 2020 online – IB revision course participants: “This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, IBWISE had to switch to online IB revision workshops. It worked out great even though I didn’t get to meet my teachers face-to-face! My advice to IB students is to not be intimidated by “online” as IBWISE has it completely down!”

Subject Info

IB THEATRE –  Workshop

This immersive, rich and intensive IB Theatre experience gives PRE IB & MID IB students the opportunity to engage with the key elements of the IB Diploma Theatre programme and to practice the art of theatre making in a practical, collaborative and enjoyable way. Students will develop the skills required to succeed in the assessment tasks by exploring a range of approaches to creating, directing and performing.

Working with mid IB students to action the advice offered by their theatre teachers or to provide approaches to assignments set over the summer, this is an invaluable experience that will enhance the quality of assessment work. An excellent opportunity for students working on drafts of their assessments, be it the Director’s Notebook, or the Collaborative Project or for those who are embarking on research into a theatre theorist or a theatre tradition. This helps prepare students for their second year.

For students about to begin IB Theatre or considering IB Theatre (Pre IB), the IB Wise experience will introduce key concepts and skills, providing students with a head start and solid foundation for the course. This is also suitable for students who have had little or no prior theatre experience.

The experience, designed as a series of workshops, focuses on the requirements of IB Diploma Theatre and on developing an understanding of the key concepts of the programme through practice and application.

The 2nd module of the workshop is designed to dive into making, performing and presenting theatre. From the epic to the intimate, young theatre makers will be taken through a 3-day process of creating an original piece of site-specific theatre inspired by memory sites in the city of Vienna. The experience will culminate in an imaginative, original and contemporary fully produced and performed piece of theatre which brings to life the participants’ ideas and Vienna as a site of memory.

The workshop leader is Dinos Aristidou. Dinos is a theatre maker, director, playwright and education consultant who specialises in working with educators, communities and young people, both in the UK and internationally. He is one of the most sought after IB teacher trainers, was involved in the development of the theatre course and is a curriculum consultant for the International Baccalaureate Organistation (IBO).



This class has inspired and influenced many PRE – IB and MID – IB students. It is not only an outstanding opportunity for international students to be creative during the summer but is tailored specifically to guiding students with their IB Art coursework such as the investigation workbook and comparative study. It will reshape the participants’ approach to making and understanding art, the students’ ability to find, modify and develop ideas, and their ability to build up new information and directions that enable them to produce creative and original works of art.

The course involves a continuous mix of the rich cultural resources in Vienna and studio work at the IBWISE campus. This makes the course ideal for PRE IB and MID IB Visual Art students, who wish to enjoy both the cultural experience of the “city of dreams”, shape their investigation workbooks and comparative study and develop several of their own exquisite works of art, that they can take back home as a memento of their stay in the city of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka.

The workshop leader is Dr. Derek Pigrum, who for 30+ years has motivated and guided IB Art students. He has more than forty years experience as a painter, sculptor and ceramicist, is also an author and has conducted and published research into creativity for more than twenty years.

Our second Visual Arts expert is Kristina Rismondo. She is a highly experienced and talented IB Diploma Art teacher and is also an Art Examiner for the International Baccalaureate. 

IB MUSIC – Workshop

The IB Music Workshop is an excellent opportunity for PRE IB & MID IB music students to develop and enhance their skills in creative and performance areas of the course and to gain an insight into interpretation of music of various styles. Students will also have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of what is required on the listening paper and will have the chance to practice questions on both the Set Works and the Un-prepared listening.

Students will learn new skills in arranging, improvising, music technology and stylistic techniques, as well as how to start, continue and perhaps complete a composition. Students will be given the opportunity to use and learn music software programs such as Sibelius and Logic. The workshop will also help guide students towards a better understanding of “what makes a good performance” and ‘how to choose’ the most suitable option per personal interests and skills.

There will be sessions to discuss and share ideas for the research project The Musical Links Investigation. Students will be able to work in small groups and gain ideas from various visits to concerts and exhibitions, such as the Arnold Schoenberg House or Mozart House, are offered during this course.

The workshop leader is Lee Betts. Lee is a truly gifted and magnificent IB Diploma music expert and comes to IBWISE with a wealth of 20+ years IB music teaching expertise and has had many years of experience as an IB Music examiner. She also leads our excellent Final IB Music Revision class during Spring break.

IB FILM – Workshop 

Welcome to the magical world of filmmaking! No matter if you make filmmaking your career, the skills you learn from this seventh art will help you become a better team player, problem solver and above all, it will help you develop your creativity. This workshop will address the three aims IB requires from this course: inquiry, action and reflection.

You will develop these skills and more through exposure to the five production roles of the DP Film program: writer, director, cinematographer, sound and editor, all in the context of the Portfolio (Internal Assessment), which is a requirement of DP Film students at both the Standard and Higher Level.  Participants will be provided with an opportunity to experiment with practical exercises in each of these five roles based on their own skill level and interest. They will also be guided on how to inquire, take action, and reflect throughout the creative process, and immerse themselves in the assessment criteria for the Portfolio. Additionally, the filmmakers will learn how to self-assess their work, as well as provide constructive feedback to their peers.  In the end, the students will have a body of work to showcase and be well on their way to a successful IA.

We will watch many short films and analyse the power of film language. We will do hands-on filmmaking in the five main roles of production (screenwriting, cinematography, sound design, directing and editing). 

Bring all of your questions along to the course, and together we will address them. We will analyse samples and practice self-evaluation so that you will be fully aware of what is expected of you to succeed on the four assessments. 

Above all, besides leaving this course well prepared for your assessments, we expect to renew your passion for the magical world of filmmaking!

The workshop leader is Erick Pessôa, who is a highly gifted filmmaker and film teacher with more than 15 years of experience. Erick has also been directly involved with IB Film for more than a decade. He has been an IB Film examiner since 2011, a Workshop leader, and the moderator of the IB DP Film message board. He is currently preparing for his second short film. He is based at the American School of Paris where he teaches IB Film and filmmaking classes as well as coordinating the Visual Arts department. 

SIMPLY DANCE – Workshop!

This superb 3-day workshop is meant for any and all our summer camp students 2020! Dance is fun, great for fitness and to relax, exceptional to get to know yourself, learn to present yourself, boost your confidence and many other wonderful things! Join us for this unique experience! Open for all students 14-18 years of age.

Our fun experiential 3-day “SIMPLY” Dance! will be available August 1-3.

The Workshop leaders are Nanina Kotlowski and Adrian Turner. Nanina holds an MA in Dance Performance and studied at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Dance and Music in London. She works as a professional dance artist and highly talented IB Diploma Dance teacher and continues to perform in various theatres and dance festivals across Europe. Adrian is a highly experienced and gifted dance instructor and MYP and DP Dance educator. He was born in England, trained at Ballet Rambert School, Brunel University London, as well as at Martha Graham School and Merce Cunningham School in New York. Since 2010 Adrian leads for the Stuttgarter Ballet the IMPULS-Projects MusikTheaterTanz as well as the JUNG International project and continues to perform in uncountable dance performances and productions.

The Teacher as Artist

Learn and participate alongside students. YAIR is a unique experience to learn new strategies as well as gain new insights into the way young people operate as artists!

Experience the inter-disciplinary exchange between the IB-Group 6 disciplines – Theatre, Music, Visual Arts and Dance – reflect, integrate and profit from this unique workshop.

If this concept and idea interests you and/or you are a teacher who wishes to chaperone a group of your own students to our YAIR-Summer Workshop in Vienna, please know that we are thrilled to offer a limited number of spots in all disciplines for IB educators for a very reasonable price.

Contact us for more details at or whatsapp/call us at: +43 664 1306197.

A feedback from an IB educator, who joined Young Artists in Residence  ‘as an artist’ last summer:

“Being able to participate in both the 7-day IB Theatre class  (as a teacher as artist) allowed me to enjoy a 360-degree vision of our job as teachers. Indeed, it gave me the opportunity to be amongst students while still being a teacher. Participating in all the activities was a wonderful way to being reminded of how students feel, respond to, and react to the various tasks and situations they are confronted with; of course it is also simply a lot of fun to be in the midst of so much creativity. The professionalism and extreme kindness of everyone involved created the save environment needed for such an “experiment”.

This week has not only allowed me the quality time to work and to reflect on my work, but also gave me an enormous boost of energy, and, yes, all this during the holidays!

As teachers we too rarely have that sharing quality time. There, thanks to the content & delivery of the course, to the many open discussions and exchanges with art teachers and students we could be entirely at the heart of what we do, and it really didn’t feel like work. I believe that the very high level of motivation and engagement of each person involved really helped create this incredible atmosphere! Plus, all this in a place where the school, the workrooms, the various other facilities (such as bedroom, breakfast room, cafeteria, resting areas…) are perfectly and beautifully equipped. And if that wasn’t enough this creative adventure is taking place in the heart of vibrating Vienna. I am very thankful to have been part of it all.”


YAIR Workshop both modules (33 hours of teacher contact plus lots of studio time):

JULY 28th – AUG 3rd, 2021

Arrival: July 27th | Departure: August 4th

YAIR Workshop Module 1 or Module 2:

Module 1: JULY 28th – 30th, 2021

Module 2: JULY 31st (3-hour YAIR trip) – August 3rd, 2021

Module 1 – Arrival: July 27th | Departure: July 31st
Module 2 – Arrival: July 30th | Departure: Aug 4th

COMBINE our ‘Young Artists in Residence’ Summer Workshops with our PRE IB- or MID IB SUMMER REVISION COURSE !!


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Young Artists in ResidenceSummer Programme

Course DurationBoarding Students*Day Students**Online Students
3 days€ 1180 (4 nights)€ 880€ 650
7 days € 2360 (8 nights)€ 1760€ 1300


*Boarding Student fees include half-board, coffee breaks, snacks, refreshments & accommodation in modern, 4-star rooms with en-suite facilities, outstanding 24/7 care, laundry service and free wifi on the IBWISE-Campus. Free airport pick-up/drop-off, all materials, transportation and outings is included in the fee.

** Day Student fees includes lunch, coffee breaks, snacks & refreshments, all materials and outings, as well as daytime supervision.

More Info

For more details regarding exact timing of specific subjects, please contact us!

CALL US: +43-1-3191068
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Travel Infos

GETTING TO AND FROM VIENNA –Vienna has low price flight connections with all the major European cities, as well as excellent road and rail links. Whichever mode of transport you decide to use, you will be met at your arrival point in the city, and delivered safely to your accommodation. Usually, transfer times are no more than 30 minutes.

Students MUST have full medical insurance – proof of which will be required at the beginning of the course. Holiday insurance to cover against loss of personal items is a sensible precaution. Insurance against late cancellation due to illness etc. should also allow you to claim for a refund of course fees, if necessary.

Having the relevant travel documents is important. You can visit the website at to obtain details of visa requirements. EU citizens do not require a visa.

If you are not sure whether you require a visa, please contact your consulate.


  1. To ensure maximum safety during our camp, all students who join us will need an official PCR test result that is not older than 72 hours at arrival in Vienna.
  2. All students will be monitored carefully (eg. regular temperature checks) while with us in Vienna and may also be asked to test at least a 2nd time while with us.
  3. Social distancing and hygiene (regular washing and disinfecting of hands) plus the wearing of FFP2 masks will likely still be the golden standard in Austria next summer. Students are therefore asked to bring their personal supplies along to our camp.
  4. Rooms: rooms and en-suite bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected every day. Towels are exchanged daily and bed linens every few days.
  5. Our ask: we need all students’ support to be safe while together and appreciate your all commitment!