Course Description

The Pre IB – Summer Revision Course (available ON-GROUND again in 2022!!) is designed explicitly for students who will begin their 1st IB Diploma year after the summer. You may choose 1- 4 major IB subjects. Each subject will be combined with a minor IB-related subject (see list below).

All important IB subjects are offered, helping to introduce you to the IB syllabus and prepare you thoroughly for the IB Diploma.

Students are invited to combine the PRE IB Summer Revision Course with our fabulous Group 6 – IB Visual Arts, IB Theatre or IB Music and IB Film Summer Workshops.

More infos can be found under our ‘Young Artists in Residence’ Summer Programme!

This compact course setting allows you to study up to 4 IB subjects in up to 17 days and concentrate on just one subject at a time. This model helps students to remain academically focused and motivated throughout their stay and accomplish a great amount of work.

In addition, students will make many new friends from around the world and enjoy fun and inspiring free-time activities and trips during our PRE IB – Summer Course Programme. The time here in the charming city of Vienna will be precious and unforgetable.

What to expect:

  • Study 1-4 major IB subjects during this course
  • Each subject plus a minor subject will be reviewed extensively for 3 compact days (17.5 hours)
  • Talented IB teachers (with 10-30 years of IB experience each) many of who are recognized IBO-examiners and from excellent IB schools will guide you
  • Small class size (usually 5-8 students)
  • Each 3-day study unit is followed by 1-2 rest days
  • A choice of additional optional short courses
  • Many different optional free time activities on your rest days
  • 24-hour care
  • Pick-up & drop-off available for boarding students
  • At the end of your stay you will receive a course certificate as well as a written subject report by each of your subject specialists

You will:

  • Study one subject at a time
  • Deepen your understanding of the important concepts of the IB Diploma syllabus and receive an excellent overview of what will be expected of you next fall
  • Study and review subject matter thoroughly
  • Learn how to improve your course work and how to do well on IBDP internal assessments
  • Make many new friends from around the world, have a highly productive studying experience together, and discover jointly the trendy and charming city of Vienna!

Class Overview

ON-SITE – PRE IB Summer Revision:

July 18 – August 2nd, 2022

Main Arrival Day: July 17th
Main Departure Day: August 3rd

Total revision hours per IB subject course + Minor IB subject: 17.5



STUDY UNIT 1: July 18July 19July 20July 21: free
STUDY UNIT 2:July 22July 23July 24July 25 & 26: free
STUDY UNIT 3:July 27 July 28July 29July 30: free
STUDY UNIT 4:July 31 August 1August 2August 3: departure day

Subjects and Classes

The Pre IB – Summer Revision Course consists of up to 4 major and 4 minor IB-related subjects. In addition, students are invited to enroll in any of our “optional short courses” (please see “optional short courses”).

Students have a REST DAY between subjects and are invited to join any of our many fun free time activities or just meet up with their friends in the city.

A personal daily schedule will be emailed to you, as soon as we have processed your registration.

The major IB subjects (15 hrs per subject):

  • Languages: English A or English B HL
  • Mathematics: Math Analysis & Approaches, Math Applications & Interpretation
  • Sciences: Biology, ESS SL, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science
  • Individuals & Societies: History, Geography, Business & Management, Economics, Psychology, ESS SL
  • The Arts: Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, Film

The minor IB-related subjects (2.5 hrs per subject):

  • Introduction to Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • Graphics Calculator Skills
  • Introduction to Extended Essay & CAS
  • Introduction to Science Internal Assessment

Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay, together, are worth 3 IB Diploma points – maximizing your score here, can make a real difference to your overall points score. Again, these sessions will introduce the IB requirements and allow you some time to practice your basic skills.

Graphics Calculator Skills are absolutely essential for the IB Programme. They are a requirement for mathematics and will save valuable time during the exam. They are also extremely useful in many other subjects. Our maths tutors tell us every year that students’ calculator skills are weak. This is why we have decided to offer a special session specifically for use of the Graphics Calculator.

Science Internal Assessment is a crucial component in science and a very good score in your IA can make quite a difference to your final grade. In this session, you will be introduced to Internal Assessment in Science. You will learn about the IB marking system and how it will be applied to your work. You will also practice some of the skills you will need, such as ‘Experimental Design’ and ‘‘Data Presentation’.

Having a sound understanding of what will be required of you during your IB Diploma years, will enable you to plan your time and make the most efficient and effective use of it. Knowing where the goals are and keeping the target in mind will help keep you motivated through two tough years.

IB subjects on offer

Languages:Science: Individuals & Societies:
English A Language & Literature HL/SLPhysics HLBusiness & Management HL
English A Literature HL/SLPhysics SLBusiness & Management SL
English B HLComputer Science HLEconomics HL
Computer Science SLEconomics SL
Chemistry HLPsychology HL
Chemistry SL Psychology SL
Biology HLGeography HL
The Arts:Biology SL Geography SL
Theatre HL/SLESS SLHistory HL
Music HL/SLMathematics: History SL
Visual Arts HL/SLMath Analysis & Approaches HL
Film HL/SLMath Analysis & Approaches SL
Math Applications & Interpretation HL
Math Applications & Interpretation SL

More Info

For more details regarding exact timing of specific subjects, please contact us.

CALL US: +43-1-3191068
Nora is also available via cell phone, Whattsapp or other wireless options on smart phones: +43-664-1306197

We are happy to assist you!

IMG_8252_Claudia Amadeo+Isabella Neves de Lima

Optional Short Courses

We offer a range of optional short courses to our PRE – IB students during our Summer Programme – please look for our list of optional short courses and more details under our next point below!

Magnificent 4-day Alpine CAS Adventure:

Duration: 4 days
Setting: Creativity, Activity, Service – small group
Cost: 1200 €
(4 nights incl. entire programme and full board, 24/7 care)
Date: July 21st-25th

Are you interested in being inspired by your CAS programme and/or get inspiration for your CAS programme in a unique traditional alpine setting? Then come and attend our unique 4-day CAS trip to beautiful Mariazell in the Ötscher region, only 1.5 hrs away from our Vienna Camp. If you also wish to have this experience recognised for CAS hours then check back with your CAS Coordinator at your IB school prior to joining us!

Among immersion into old Austrian culture & traditions of a mountain village, you will experience breathtaking mountain hikes and spend a night in a typical ‘Schutzhaus’ near the Ötscher peak, whilst discovering the secrets of this nature park with our guide.


You will also be helping local rangers repair foot paths, small wood bridges, combat neophyte populations and clean up this magnificent national park… And, yes, you will be experiencing some unique evenings in one of Austria’s very authentic spots…

You can combine this trip with up to 3 PRE IB subject revision sessions on our campus in Vienna. More details to this trip you will find under ‘Alpine CAS Edventure’ in menu point ‘Our Courses‘…

Academic Writing:

Duration: 4 hours
Setting: Group
Cost: 300 €

Academic writing is an important part of the IB curriculum. Whether within the extended essay, TOK, Language A or any Internal Assessment, the use of a good essay structure, clear sentences, linkage of ideas, as well as correct spelling and punctuation are fundamental. You will also have the opportunity to dive into the area of analyzing meaning of texts. This and more is the focus of this highly recommendable 4-hour workshop.

Language A – Essay Writing Skills:

Duration: 3 hours
Setting: Small Group
Cost: 250 €

Language A – Essay Writing Skills is an essential know-how to do well in any Language A written exam, no matter the language. This 3-hour course is hence extremely helpful for all Language A students, also those with mother tongues other than English (e.g. Swedish, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, etc) to brush up on their essay writing and receive important information about what is crucial to write a strong IB ‘Language A’ essay.

Entrepreneurial Skills:

Duration: 2.5 hours
Setting: Group
Cost: 250 €

This course will introduce you to the skills necessary for entrepreneurial success, using case studies as well as analysis of the current and future challenges likely to be encountered in the rapidly changing global economy. It will explore the importance of risk taking, speculation and monitoring indicators, together with the leadership qualities necessary to sustain and develop entrepreneurial innovations. Contemporary issues such as gender bias, latent prejudice and empowerment will be discussed together with an overview of strategies designed to promote diversification.

Voice Your Choice – Workshop:

Duration: 1.5 hours
Setting: Small Group
Cost: 200 €

This course introduces PRE IB students to the range of courses on offer in UK (but also U.S.-, E.U. or Canadian) universities. You will be provided with guidance on navigation tools, UCAS, Common App, as well as advice on how to go about your selection. You will also be instructed on the expectations of subject choice and grade achievement, knowledge for the personal statement and interview process.

Time Management & Study Skills:

Duration: 2 hours
Setting: Group
Cost: 200 €

Time management as well as ‘how to study’ effectively are crucial for success at IBDP level and beyond. Our instructor will help you acquire some good insight and provide you with tools to allow you establish important skills and routines in this area of learning.

Data Processing Skills:

Duration: 2 hours
Setting: Small Group
Cost: 200 €

Data Processing Skills is an important part of the IB, especially in Math, Science, Economics and Business. In this class the objectives will be how to work effectively with spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) and how to create and present specific graphs and data tables with given data sets, use formulae efficiently, label, read and interpret graphs correctly.

Memory Boost!

Duration: 1.5 hours
Setting: small group
Cost: 180 €

This exciting workshop will offer students tools and techniques to enhance their memorising ability. In a fun way they will be experiencing how their brain and memory works and how they can boost it. Students will also become more aware of their own individual strengths and weaknesses and offered tricks to tackle challenging situations when large amount of detail need be memorised and replicated.

Stress Management:

Duration: 1 hour
Setting: One-to-One
Cost: 180 €

More and more students are overwhelmed with the many requirements the IB, upcoming university admission procedures, etc bring with them. Their diverse reactions (e.g. sleeplessness, worries, exam anxiety, attentional issues, headaches, tummy aches) can be symptoms of stress and not knowing how to deal with all what is going on. This consultation will be held in a supportive ‘one-to-one’ manner offering highly personalized strategies & tipps.

Private Tuition:

Duration: 1 hour
Setting: One-to-One
Cost: 150 €

Private tuition is sometimes requested by students to get the opportunity of focusing on very individual questions with one of our IB specialists. We will try to facilitate such ‘one-to-one’ sessions where possible.


For ONLINE students to pick in addition…

Introduction to Extended Essay & CAS:

Duration: 1.5 hours
Setting: small group
Cost: 180 €

Introduction to TOK:

Duration: 1.5 hours
Setting: small group
Cost: 180 €



Cost of accommodation per 4 nights and person includes our exceptional 24/7 care, en-suite facilities, yummy breakfast and many free time activities in our newly renovated beautiful student dorm at Amadeus International School:

(1) Single room: 400€
(2) Shared room (2 students of one gender per room): 300€

Pick-up & Drop-off

We are happy to offer you pick-up and drop-off at your point of destination and departure. Cost for this service: 50€

No. SubjectsOn-Site Student *
1 Subject (3 days/18 hrs)€ 850
2 Subjects€ 1700
3 Subjects€ 2550
4 Subjects€ 3400

*On-site student fees include tasty 3-course lunches, daily coffee breaks with snacks & refreshments, free wifi, many free time activities and our exceptional daytime supervision.

Accommodation fees include superb single or shared accommodation with en-suite facilities, a yummy breakfast buffet and caring 24/7 pastoral care on our beautiful and exclusive campus.


We expect classes to fill up quickly, so early registration is advisable.

Please register online by choosing the red SIGN UP button on the right side of this page.

We will get back to you with your registration details within 48 hours, including your specific course dates.

For any further information regarding our classes please call us at +43-1-319 10 68 (Austria) or email us at and we will happily assist you!

Travel Info

GETTING TO AND FROM VIENNA –Vienna has low price flight connections with all the major European cities, as well as excellent road and rail links. Whichever mode of transport you decide to use, you will be met at your arrival point in the city, and delivered safely to your accommodation. Usually, transfer times are no more than 45 minutes.

Students MUST have full medical and liability insurance – proof of which will be required at the beginning of the course. Holiday insurance to cover against loss of personal items is a sensible precaution. Insurance against late cancellation due to illness etc. should also allow you to claim for a refund of course fees, if necessary.

Having the relevant travel documents is important. You can visit the website at to obtain details of visa requirements. EU citizens do not require a visa.

If you are not sure whether you require a visa, please contact your consulate.

COVID – PRECAUTIONS ON CAMPUS (this section will be updated regularly)

  1. To ensure maximum safety during our camp, all students who join us on camp will need to be fully vaccinated and bring along their proof of vaccination as well as a negative covid test.
  2. All students will be monitored carefully (eg. regular temperature checks) while with us in Vienna and may also be expected to test when needed while with us.
  3. Social distancing and hygiene (regular washing and disinfecting of hands) plus the wearing of face masks while indoors will likely still be the golden standard in Austria next summer. Students are therefore asked to bring their personal supplies along to our camp.
  4. Rooms and en-suite bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected by our cleaning staff.
  5. Our ask: we need all students’ support to be safe while together and appreciate your all commitment!

More infos about Austrian Covid requirements for tourists: