Course Description

It is an excellent in-depth and highly effective IB exam preparation course for students in their last IB Diploma year. It focuses on the IB exams that will follow in May. It is an outstanding opportunity for IB students in their last year to prepare intensively and allows them to achieve their specific individual goals in their IB Diploma.

Revising for the IB Exams is easier together…

The very small group setting at IBWISE allows you to ask all your last questions and  receive all the important responses from our exceptionally experienced IB teachers. You will thoroughly practice IB exam questions and develop important technique and confidence.

Our IB teachers’ know-how and commitment to you in combination with your hard work at the Final IB Exam Course, will help solidify the necessary knowledge, skill set and confidence you need to do well in your upcoming exams and will help you to achieve excellent grades.

What to expect:

  • Highly renowned IB subject specialists from excellent IB school across Europe, with 15-30 years of IB teaching and examining experience each, will prepare you highly effectively for your final exams in May!
  • Choose 1 – 6 IB subjects
  • Each subject will be reviewed thoroughly over 2.5 days
  • 18 hours of intensive study per subject, including 3 hours of supervised & reviewed homework
  • Very small class size (4-8 students)

You will…

  • Study one subject at a time
  • Review subject matter thoroughly
  • Gain valuable exam practice
  • Improve your examination skills
  • Build confidence and maximize your final grade


  1. COVID-19: Due to the continued unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic our Spring IB Revision Programme 2021 will consist of both an ON-CAMPUS (with Plan B online) and an interactive ONLINE revision course option. Our online IB revision workshops are led by the same superb longstanding IBWISE faculty as our usual on-campus workshops.
  2. IB Online Revision: Revision sessions will be spread over 2.5 days per IB subject (Cost: 650€ per IB subject (if there is enough interest in required subject).
  3. Online Course Dates: March 28th – April 11th, 2021. Like in 2020, we will do our best to accommodate different timezones including, Europe, Africa, Middle East, the Americas (Eastern Time) & Asia.

Quote from one of our 2020 online – IB revision course participants: “This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, IBWISE had to switch to online IB revision workshops. It worked out great even though I didn’t get to meet my teachers face-to-face! My advice to IB students is to not be intimidated by “online” as IBWISE has it completely down!”

Class Overview

On-site Course:

Main Arrival Day: Saturday, March 27th (all day)

Main Departure Day: Sunday, April 11th (after 16:15)

Note: Depending on selected number of IB subjects, students will arrive and leave Vienna on individually assigned dates.

Online Course:

1st day of course: March 28th

Last day of course: April 11th

Note: Depending on the selected type and number of IB subjects, you may have some free days between revision workshops.

STUDY UNIT 1:March 28 (8:30) March 29March 30 (noon)
STUDY UNIT 2:March 30 (13:00)March 31April 1 (16:15)
STUDY UNIT 3:April 2 (8:30)April 3April 4 (noon)
STUDY UNIT 4:April 4 (13:00)April 5April 6 (16:15)
STUDY UNIT 5:April 7 (8:30)April 8April 9 (noon)
STUDY UNIT 6:April 9 (13:00)April 10April 11 (16:15)

Subjects and Classes

For the Final IB Exam Revision Course you may choose up to 6 IB subjects and will study one subject at a time. Each IB subject will be prepared intensively for 18 hours over 2.5 days (= 1 study unit).

We will provide you with a rigorous and demanding course in a friendly and caring atmosphere. Small motivated groups (usually 5-7 students) will be led by our highly experienced (15-30 years) and renowned IB faculty, most of who are also recognised IBO examiners. Most of our IB teachers are flown to Vienna specifically for our programme to guarantee highest standards for all IBWISE students. They all teach in excellent IB world schools across Europe.

Subjects offered

(if you cannot find the subject you wish to study, please let us know and we will try to meet your needs)

A Languages: Science:Individuals & Societies:
English A
- Literature HL Physics HLGeography HL
- Literature SLPhysics SLGeography SL
- Lang & Lit HLChemistry HLHistory HL
- Lang & Lit SLChemistry SLHistory SL
German ABiology HLBusiness & Management HL
- Literature HL Biology SLBusiness & Management SL
- Literature SL
Environmental Systems & Societies SLEconomics HL
- Lang & Lit HLEconomics SL
- Lang & Lit SLDesign Technology HL
Design Technology SLPsychology HL
Psychology SL
B Languages: Computer Science HL
English B HLComputer Science SL
English B SL
German B HLMath HL
German B SLMath SL
Math Studies SL
Spanish B HL
Spanish B SLThe Arts:
Spanish ab initioMusic HL - IB Listening Paper Practice!
French B HLMusic SL - IB Listening Paper Practice!
French B SL
French ab initio

More Info

If you would like to know more regarding exact dates of specific IB subject classes, please contact us.

CALL US: +43-1-3191068
Nora is also available via cell phone or wireless options on smart phones: +43-664-1306197

We are happy to assist you!

Optional Short Courses

Private Tuition

Duration: 1 hour
Setting: One-to-One
Cost: 150 €

Private tuition is sometimes requested by students to get the opportunity of focusing on very individual questions in any subject with one of our IB specialists. We will try to facilitate such ‘one-to-one’ sessions where possible.

Study Skills & Exam Technique

Duration: 1.5 hours
Setting: small group
Cost: 200 €

Study Skills & Exam Technique are crucial for success at the IBDP exams. Our instructor will offer you some last minute excellent tipps and tricks to allow you establish some important quick skills and routines of which to profit from when used effectively during your end spurt to your final exams.

Stress Management:

Duration: 1 hour
Setting: One-to-One
Cost: 180 €

More and more students are overwhelmed with the many requirements the IB, upcoming university admission procedures, etc bring with them. Their diverse reactions (e.g. sleeplessness, worries, exam anxiety, attentional issues, headaches, tummy aches, etc) are symptoms of stress and not knowing how to deal with all what is going on. This consultation will be held in a highly confidential & supportive ‘one-to-one’ manner offering highly personalized strategies & advice by Nora herself, who has many years of experience in adolescent counselling & family consultation at the ökids-Counselling Centre, Vienna.



No. Subjects Boarding Student *Day Student **
1 Subject€ 910 (3 nights)€ 700
2 Subjects€ 1820 (6 nights)€ 1400
3 Subjects€ 2660 (8 nights)€ 2100
4 Subjects€ 3570 (9 nights)€ 2800
5 Subjects€ 4410 (13 nights)€ 3500
6 Subjects€ 5250 (15 nights)€ 4200
Online Cost per IB Subject:--€ 650

* Boarding fees include excellent 4-star en-suite shared accommodation on campus with breakfast, lunch, free wifi, laundry service, 24/7 pastoral care, coffee breaks, snacks, refreshments and free pick-up/drop-off service.

** Day student fees include lunch, coffee breaks, snacks, refreshments and daytime supervision.


We expect classes to fill up quickly, so early registration is advisable.

Please register online by choosing the red SIGN UP button on the right side of this page

We will get back to you with your registration details within 48 hours, including your specific course dates.

For any further information regarding our classes please either email us at or call us at +43-1-319 10 68 (Austria) and we will happily assist you!

Travel Info


Vienna has great flight connections with all the major world cities as well as excellent road and rail links. Whichever mode of transport you decide to use, you will be met at your arrival point in the city, and delivered safely to your accommodation. Usually, transfer times are no more than 30 minutes.


Students MUST have full medical insurance – proof of which will be required at the beginning of the course. Holiday insurance to cover against loss of personal items is a sensible precaution. Insurance against late cancellation due to illness etc. should also allow you to claim for a refund of course fees, if necessary.

Having the relevant travel documents is important. You can visit the website at to obtain details of visa requirements. EU citizens do not require a visa.

If you are not sure whether you require a visa, please contact your consulate.