Course Description

Due to this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to add to our usual programme a fall Final IB – Exam Revision Course in October to assist 2020 IB candidates with their November exam preparation. Our revision course will include a combination of on-site & online revision depending on demand and possibility.

Quote from an IB student who joined our “ONLINE” Workshop in spring 2020:

“As this was my first IBWISE review session, I was pleasantly surprised at how adaptive the teachers and organisers were to the pandemic situation and the new format of teaching, via ZOOM video-conferencing, was very smooth and supportive of individual gaps in knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed these classes!”

Revising for the IB Exams is easier together…

The very small group setting at IBWISE allows you to ask all your last questions and  receive all the important responses from our exceptionally experienced IB teachers. You will thoroughly practice IB exam questions and develop important technique and confidence.

Our IB teachers’ know-how and commitment to you in combination with your hard work at the Final IB Exam Course, will help solidify the necessary knowledge, skill set and confidence you need to do well in your upcoming exams and will help you to achieve excellent grades.

What to expect:

  • Highly renowned IB subject specialists from excellent IB school across Europe, with 15-30 years of IB teaching and examining experience each, will prepare you highly effectively for your final exams in May!
  • Choose 1 – 4 IB subjects
  • Each subject will be reviewed thoroughly over 2 or 2.5 days
  • 15 or 18 hours of intensive study per subject, including 3 hours of supervised & reviewed homework
  • Very small class size (4-7 students)

You will…

  • Study one subject at a time
  • Review subject matter thoroughly
  • Gain valuable exam practice
  • Improve your examination skills
  • Build confidence and maximize your final grade

Subjects and Dates

October 17th – 18th (2 days): 

  • Business & Management HL/SL
  • Physics HL/SL
  • Chemistry HL

October 24th – 26th (2.5 days): 

  • Computer Science HL/SL
  • ESS SL
  • History HL/SL
  • Psychology HL

October 26th – 28th (2.5 days)

  • Math Studies
  • Math SL
  • Math HL

October 29th – 31st (2.5 days)

  • Economics HL/SL
  • Biology HL
  • English A
  • German A

October 31st – November 1st (2 days)

  • Chemistry SL


COST for our interactive ONLINE classes during Fall:

Per 2.5-day IB Subject Revision Class: 650 € (18 hours total revision time per class)

Per 2-day IB Subject Revision Class: 550 € (14 hours total revision time per class)

COST for our interactive ON-SITE classes during Fall:

Per 2.5-day IB Subject Revision Class: 700 € (18 hours total revision time per class)

Per 2-day IB Subject Revision Class: 600 € (14 hours total revision time per class)

More Info

Please sign up by emailing us your & your parent’s name, email, phone number as well as the IB subjects of you choice.

You can also contact us any time for questions at:

CALL US: +43-1-319 10 68
Nora is also available via cell phone or wireless options on smart phones: +43-664-130 61 97

We are happy to assist you!