Personal Statement Retreat...for students applying to U.K. universities

SIGN UP NOW and no later than September 10th!

When:  Weekend of September 29th -30th, 2018

Where: IBWISE – Head Quarters

Weintraubengasse 19/Top 23

1020 -Vienna, Austria

(location: metro line U1- “Nestroyplatz”)

This course includes:

  • 10-hour workshop in small group setting
  • 60 min follow-up private consultation via Skype
  • Final review and critique via email by senior consultant
  • Course material
  • Refreshments & snacks on both course days

Ms Sarah Norris MBA will guide you through this intensive 10-hour Personal Statement Retreat and effectively assist you in getting your application 100% perfect & ready to go!

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Call us: +43-1-319 10 68


Intensive U.K. University Interview Training

Oxbridge and U.K. medicine candidates listen up!!

This intensive interview training prepares students for their upcoming and highly competitive interviews at the Golden Triangle universities later that fall.

When:  A weekend in November

Where: IBWISE-Head Quarters, Vienna (in the city centre)

Weintraubengasse 19/Top 23

1020 -Vienna, Austria

(location: metro line U1- “Nestroyplatz”)

This course includes:

  • 10-hour workshop in small group
  • Original course material & content catered to students’   subject courses
  • Mock interviews with feedback
  • Refreshments on both course days
  • Follow up 1-to-1 mock Skype interview with feedback – 60 minutes

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Lead Facilitator: Ms Sarah Norris MBA, our London based expert for competitive U.K. university application. Sarah is highly experienced and specialised in guiding and assisting students of all calibers most successfully with their U.K. applications.

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More infos:  or call us at +43-1-319 10 68 (Austria).