Day to day support for all IB students based on the ATL Principles!

Finally, a solution to your bulk of deadlines and mountains of homework headache!

Our outstanding Learning Smart After-school offers peace of mind for the parent and an enjoyable and productive learning atmosphere for every IB student.

Our wonderful and highly skilled expert Ioana Anghel-Pirich runs After-school for G9 & G10 (MYP), G11 & G12 (DP) IB students.

Where do we run the After-school?

At the IBWISE – Headquarters directly at the U1-line “Nestroyplatz”
Weintraubengasse 19/2nd floor/ Top 23
1020 Vienna

When do we run the After-school?

The Learning Smart After-school runs Tuesday – Friday 3pm – 7pm, Saturday 10am-2pm & 3pm-7pm at the IBWISE – Headquarters

Please contact Ioana for more infos at: 0664-304 57 59 or 
More infos online:

Why should I attend After-school?

Our Learning Smart After-school offers a cozy and welcoming space for learning. The sessions are structured based on psychological techniques that enhance concentration, memory, and logical and critical thinking.

Each session is led by one of our experienced IB coaches who are available to guide students in any of their assignments.

Furthermore, the Learning Smart Concept will be applied in all sessions and students will acquire transferable skills in time-management, how to structure learning material, essay writing, coping with exam anxiety and much more.