At IBWISE we are completely aware of the challenges and pressures of Generation Z – and it is certainly not the academics alone. Many students in this age group struggle, and they do so in different ways. In addition, to our renowned team of dedicated IB specialists, we have built a team of extraordinarily talented and dedicated youth coaches and psychotherapists, who are all trained to support and guide adolescents and young adults. We offer psychological assistance both online and on-ground.

Here some examples how you may feel:

  • stressed
  • distracted
  • anxious  (eg. with upcoming deadlines or exams)
  • lack of motivation
  • lack of confidence
  • lack of joy
  • lonely
  • burdened with conflicts at home or with friends
  • sad
  • worried about the future
  • unable to focus or concentrate
  • overwhelmed with work or other things

If you happen to feel any or several of the above, please think about getting our support.

We handle all inquiries and support with absolute confidentiality.

More infos at: or +43-664-130 61 97