Quality comes first at IBWISE

At IBWISE we care to provide our students with outstanding IB preparation in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

Every year since IBWISE opened its doors in 2006 (10+ years ago), we have undertaken careful evaluation of our spring and summer IB revision sessions in respect to important course quality criteria. We invite our students to grade us and grade their teachers, providing numerical grades and qualitative comments.

This direct reflection through the eyes of our students allows us to continuously develop and improve our IB Revision Programme, including helping us hone and strengthen our selection of faculty. This process also allows us to identify opportunities to innovate and, equally important, to confirm what it is we are doing right.

The student feedback has been invaluable for IBWISE and we have been pleased that the survey results from our students have been consistantly outstanding, now over the course of years.

Here some examples…

Our 2016 Summer School course evaluation:
––  97% of the summer students rated IBWISE with “very good” or “excellent” overall  ––

Our 2015 Summer School course evaluation:
99% of the summer students rated IBWISE with “very good” or “excellent” overall ––

Our 2016 Final IB Revision Course evaluation:
98% of the spring students rated IBWISE with “very good” or “excellent” overall ––

And here our 2014 Final IB Revision Course evaluation:
97% of the spring students rated IBWISE with “very good” or “excellent” overall ––


IBWISE is an all-inclusive experience

• Highest quality IB Diploma revision
• Rigorous, demanding courses in a friendly, informal environment
• A hand-picked team of exceptionally qualified, friendly and dedicated IBDP teachers
• Preparation of all major IB subjects
• Very small motivated study groups (usually 4-8 students) enabling our instructors to tailor review
sessions specifically to individual needs
• Tuition and accommodation on under one roof
• Accommodation in modern rooms with en-suite facilities, free wifi, breakfast, snacks and lunch
• 24-hour pastoral care
• Pick-up and drop-off is included in our service (for boarding students)
• Vienna is a safe, trendy city with lots of historic charm and student flair

Making Headlines: Our 'Young Artists in Residence' Summer Workshop

IBWISE and Amadeus International School Vienna are thrilled to announce an exclusive selection of arts-related summer workshops for international students from around the world and of ages 15-18 years.

Young Artists in Residence is designed specifically for young lovers of “The Arts” and allows them to fully dive into the world of Dance, Film, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts for a week-long rich summer camp experience in a breath-taking setting.

Young Artists in Residence from around the globe are offered the unique opportunity to explore, create and work together alongside with their peers, IB experts and inspiring professional artists, musicians, film makers, actors and dancers.

Young Artists in Residence stands for an unusual combination of IB focus, guided by highly experienced IB Diploma experts, and ‘free style’ masterclasses enriched and enhanced by a carefully selected group of truly talented and innovative IB professionals!

Whether it be painting, sculpting, collage, photography, classical or modern music, composition, music technology, filmmaking, scriptwriting, acting, modern dance or musical performance, young artists in residence will be exposed to it!

For more information send us an email to: office@ibwise.com

Or call us at:  +43-1-319 10 68

View and share our iBook for more info!

Young Artists in Residence 2017